Meet your new APA Blog editor!

Congratulations to Lia Dun, CC 2014, the 2012 editor-in-chief of the APA Blog!

And here is the new AASA board for the 2012 calendar year:

  • Co-moderators, Stella Cao and Ysabel Ilagan
  • Political Action and Education Committee (PAEC) Co-chairs, Chris Marnell and Winnie Huang
  • Community Development Chairs, Andrew Chun and Jason Kuo
  • Secretary, Connie Lu
  • Treasurer, Cynthia Chan
  • Webmaster, Lijin Chen

Peter Pan Syndrome

Funny how much I think about Yale when I’m not there.

We all groan and feel awkward when people say this to us, but when you go home over the breaks and see the people who raised you and knew you before college again, you can’t help but notice that you’re growing up.

Emphasis on the gerund. We are in the process of growing up.

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Shopping List

I didn’t shop any classes this semester. You can blame it on laziness or the rigid structure of an engineering major; it’s actually mostly because I have no interest in taking more than 4.5 credits. Sometimes my taking steps to not be crazy worries me, especially at Yale, but that’s another topic. Here, instead, are some classes I think I would take if I could redo Yale many, many times as many different people:

PSYC 110, Introduction to Psychology with Marvin Chun
Everyone loves Intro Psych. Everyone loves Marvin Chun. A great class that’s not impossible to get into! And he won’t be teaching it next year so this really is your last chance for a while, procrastinators.

HSAR 115, Introduction to the History of Art: Renaissance to the Present with Alex Nemerov
Apparently Nemerov is amazing. Another class for late shoppers! If you don’t mind sharing a lecture hall with a couple hundred people, that is.

ENGL 134, Reading Fiction for Craft with Michael Cunningham
Why does that name sound familiar?

G&G 222, Origin of Everything with David Bercovici
Who wouldn’t want to know about the origin of everything? This is also a good Sc credit for you people who’ve never had to walk farther than LC/WLH to get to a class.

PLSC 233, Constitutional Law with Akhil Reed Amar
This class is supposed to be legendary; also I’m sure more than half of us are a little bit pre-law. Just a little bit. In the back of your mind. You know you’ve thought about it, so don’t deny it.

HUMS 300, Oratory in Statecraft with Charles Hill
Apparently, if you want to be at all successful in life or make anything out of yourself, you must take this class. Enough said.

But I’m just day-dreaming. Let’s hear from people who actually go to class:

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APA Blog Takes on Ashley’s Downside Watson

For our end-of-semester outing, the APA Blog staff decided to take on the legendary Downside Watson at Ashley’s. Did we make it out alive? Yes, we did. And we have pictures to prove it.

7 Scoops. 3 Toppings. 6 Spoons. 10 minutes. Yum!!

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Dining Hall Quest Continues!

The latest edition in the staff’s goal to eat at every dining hall – the dimly lit Great Hall of JE. Unfortunately, someone took the square root of “Will squared”* so it was just Will Zhao and the girls (wow, excuse my horrible math pun). But admittedly one of the better meals I had at JE because our staff is that awesome.

*The phenomenon of having two Will’s on staff. Also pretty useful for getting the attention of both at once.

Dining Hall Quest… Continued!

Last semester, the APA Blog staff started a quest to eat at every dining hall at Yale. This week’s installment – new Morse! Needless to say, we were pretty impressed with the cleanliness and architecture of the recntly renovated college (and the supercool drink machines).

We also had two guests, sophomore Lucia Tang ES ’12 and freshman Ana Calabano PC ’14 (who, unfortunately, had to leave early and isn’t in the below photo. But we’ll see her next time!). Expect to see some of their posts soon!

Have an Awesome Summer!

Mmm … Ashley’s Ice Cream

Hey readers!

It’s been quite a year, launching the blog, covering a ton of events, and hosting our first contest,  but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! We won’t be on quite the same blazing pace over the summer that we’ve been on this semester, but we’ll be checking in every now and then to post any interesting stuff we hear. Also feel free to email us anything you’d like to see on the blog to!

Have a great summer and thanks for reading!


Your APA Blog Staff

The Art of Making a Tri-fold: APA Blog Style

Get a sneak peak of our Bulldog Days Extracurricular Bazaar poster-in-the-making! And make sure to come on by during the bazaar to check out the actual thing! It’s awesome — and made with love. :)

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On a Quest … to Conquer All 12 Residential College Dining Halls!

Two weeks ago, your lovely APA Blog staff embarked on a quest to conquer the 12 residential college dining halls of Yale College (technically 11, since Morse is still going under renovations, but 12 is a rounder number, don’t you think?) So far, we’ve completed Calhoun and TD.

Our attempt at making a goofy staff picture in TD:

All photos by Suzie Jing  BR ’13 

Miriam is obviously not paying attention.

Hey, if we're going to look stupid, we should ALL look stupid.

Finally got it right. Catherine's being a little shy.