Meet your new APA Blog editor!

Congratulations to Lia Dun, CC 2014, the 2012 editor-in-chief of the APA Blog!

And here is the new AASA board for the 2012 calendar year:

  • Co-moderators, Stella Cao and Ysabel Ilagan
  • Political Action and Education Committee (PAEC) Co-chairs, Chris Marnell and Winnie Huang
  • Community Development Chairs, Andrew Chun and Jason Kuo
  • Secretary, Connie Lu
  • Treasurer, Cynthia Chan
  • Webmaster, Lijin Chen

Interview with AASA Co-mod: Jenny Mei

What are your plans for AASA this semester?

We’re trying to foster more communication between all the groups and have more events together.  We’re planning two important initiatives.  First, we’re going to have a New Year’s celebration on February 9 from 9:00-10:30.  Every member group will present a dish that their culture uses to celebrate the new year.  We’re going to have the celebration around the same time as the lunar new year, but it will not be a lunar new year celebration because we don’t want it to be focused on just East Asia.  We’re hoping that this event will kick-start the semester and showcase the different cultures.

Our second initiative is called Politics over Pizza.  Its goal is to raise awareness of Asian American issues.  The Political Action and Education Committee will be working with the political chairs of each member group and have a discussion featuring one cultural group each month and cover a political issue that is important to that group—for example, Islamophobia with the Muslim Student Association.

AASA can be pushed aside because people identify with their own ethnic group.  Last semester, a lot of AASA activities fell short on attendance because no one identified with the group. Our main goal is to solidify a new base for AASA.  Our purpose is to serve as an umbrella group for the Asian American student body.  We directly oversee the activities of all the member groups and distribute money to them.

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Q & A with AASA Co-mods: David Zhang and Christine Chen

First of all, let’s have little background info: College/year/majors/hobbies & extracurriculars (besides AASA? is it possible?)

    Christine: I’m a sophomore in Pierson,  double majoring in Econ and International Studies. I pretty much just do AASA now, but I used to be involved in Yale Model Congress, and I work.
    David: Stiles 2012, declared Economics and Mathematics but probably just Econ… I play a lot of basketball, and yeah we both do IMs!

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Blast from the Past: Rubik’s Cube Master, Anthony Hsu

This video was previously posted on the AASA site, but we’re posting it again for those who haven’t seen it. Watch sophomore Anthony Hsu solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 20 seconds!