MSA Wins 2010 AASA Basketball Championship

MSA Champions

With 5 teams, 4 rounds of round robin, and one championship game, AASA’s semi-annual basketball came to a close with underdog MSA beating out CASA for the championship. CASA took second place, and TAS with 3rd with honorable mentions to SAS and KASY/JASU. Continue reading

APA Blog Takes on Ashley’s Downside Watson

For our end-of-semester outing, the APA Blog staff decided to take on the legendary Downside Watson at Ashley’s. Did we make it out alive? Yes, we did. And we have pictures to prove it.

7 Scoops. 3 Toppings. 6 Spoons. 10 minutes. Yum!!

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Dinner at Berkeley!

And so the dining hall quest continues! We settled into a cozy nook overlooking the main floor of Berkeley Dining Hall, touted as the best dining hall on campus by the Wall Street Journal in 2006 and where Yale’s Sustainable Food Project all started. This is also the first photo with our new staffer, Matt Tran DC ’14!