Sunny Days and Snowy Skies

The semester has barely started, and New Haven has already seen some of the worst weather I’ve ever experienced. Am I being a baby? Probably. But seeing as I was just in the beautiful island of Maui not two weeks ago, I think my complaints are well justified. If you’re like me (that is, bundled up in your room with a blanket and some lady grey or a hot beverage of your choice, not doing your course readings and instead wishing you were on a Caribbean cruise), I hope you’ll appreciate these photos from Hawaii, where I spent my winter break.* Of course, waking up on snowy mornings like today, even the grouchiest of west coasters and southerners will have to appreciate the overwhelming beauty. I’ve mostly been too cold to take pictures of the freshly fallen snow, but I’ve included a couple that I managed to get before my hands started to freeze over (seriously you guys convince me to get gloves).

Stay warm! Or, go out and build a snow turtle, if that’s more your thing.

* game: count the modifiers in this sentence

2 thoughts on “Sunny Days and Snowy Skies

  1. Counting modifiers inside modifiers as separate modifiers, I count ten modifiers total in the starred sentence:

    1) in your room
    2) with a blanket and some lady grey or a hot beverage of your choice
    3) hot
    4) of your choice
    5) course
    6) instead
    7) Caribbean
    8) from Hawaii
    9) where I spent my winter break
    10) winter

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