NYPD Monitored Yale Muslim Student Association

By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard about the NYPD spying on college Muslim Student Associations across the Northeast, including Yale’s– so wrong.

And it comes right after the Muslim Student Association’s op-ed about Islamophobia received over a hundred comments like this–

What the MSA does not realize (but other Yalies do, even if they don’t have the guts to say it) is that the fuzzy warm tolerant brand of Islam that they try to present is nowhere near what is actually practiced in many Muslim countries. I’m certainly not concerned with the Muslim neighbors in my hometown, but there is no denying that the multitude of Muslims in the world have very backwards ideas about the treatment of women and nonbelievers (amount other things).

I’m an atheist, and always have been skeptical and concerned with the negative side to every religion, from Christianity to Hinduism (so I’m not trying to single out Muslims here). But Islam is especially screwy, and screw cultural relativism, it’s not ‘Islamophobic’ to say that.


The more I learn about Islam the more I understand why people fear it.

Here’s the YDN article:

In a Monday night email to the Yale community, University President Richard Levin responded to reports that surfaced on Saturday that the New York Police Department monitored Muslim students at Yale and at least 14 colleges around the Northeast.

Levin said the Yale Police Department did not participate in the NYPD’s surveillance, which included trawling the websites, forums and blogs of Muslim student associations at colleges including Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 and 2007. He said the University was “entirely unaware” of NYPD activities until the Associated Press first reported the monitoring Saturday.

“The Yale Muslim Students Association has been an important source of support for Yale students during a period when Muslims and Islam itself have too often been the target of thoughtless stereotyping, misplaced fear, and bigotry,” Levin wrote. “Now, in the wake of these disturbing news reports, I want to assure the members of the Yale Muslim Students Association that they can count on the full support of Yale University.”

The NYPD recorded the names of students and professors involved in Muslim student associations and related events in reports prepared for New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, though none were charged with a crime. In a Nov. 22, 2006 NYPD secret document titled “Weekly MSA Report,” an NYPD officer reported that he visited the websites and forums of Muslim student associations at Yale, Columbia, Penn and eight other colleges and “did not find significant information.”

In response to those activities, Levin stressed that police surveillance based on religion, national or “peacefully expressed political opinions” is “antithetical” to the values of Yale and the United States.

The Associated Press documented NYPD undercover monitoring of Muslim student associations as recently as 2009, when police set up a safe house in New Brunswick, N.J., to follow the Muslim student group at Rutgers University.

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