Videos from KASY Culture Show!

Edit: Here’s a link to a better quality of the 3PM “Shocking Dance”, performed by the KASY girls:

Also a link to a better quality video of the “Brown Eyed Boys”:

Above videos courtesy of Jenny Mei BK ’13

These aren’t the greatest quality (especially since it was dark) but here you go!

I sincerely apologize for not having the full video of the much anticipated “Brown Eyed Boys” performance — my memory card ran out of space in the middle of the dance! But it will be posted as soon as it’s available!

(Better quality videos and more acts to be posted soon)

3PM “‘Shocking Dance” (part 1)

3PM “‘Shocking Dance” (part 2)

Youngjoe Hur and Julie Sohn (part 1)

Youngjoe Hur and Julie Sohn (part 2)

Tae Kwon Do – kicking the apple


Brown Eyed Boys (part 1)

(As I’ve said before, my memory ran out before the infamous “strip”. But full video will be posted soon! Check back for updates!)

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