KASCON Blog: Day 1

Submitted by James Kim DC ’11 (KASY President)

Originally posted on http://www.yale.edu/kasy/

Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA - site of KASCON 2010

Quote of the Day: “Does California even have paved roads?” – Baby James Kim

Today was a crazy (“cray cray”) blur of driving, sightseeing, and conferencing. After picking up four people from LAX at 12:30 pm (and leaving two others stranded… temporarily), we headed over to K-town for some last minute bid packet adjustments and the prospect of food. We bumped into some technical difficulties but managed to make it to Pepperdine in time for… wait for it… social speed dating! Yeah, not awkward at all.

Then, dinnertime! We hit up a little Mexican restaurant near Pepperdine, where I ordered the Pepperdine burrito (probably the SoCal analog of naming sushi rolls after Yale and New Haven). The owner came out to greet us, give us free cookies, and congratulate us for being Yalies. Good times.

The day wrapped up with a keynote address by the eminent K. W. Lee, which was intense and emotional and sort of awesome, and an evening of coffeehouse entertainment, including an act by Danny Cho(hilarious). I drove Eliot and Allen back to my house afterwards, but I don’t know where everyone else went. Interesting updates tomorrow, I expect.

Playing around in front of some fountain.

(Almost) everyone.


Yeahh bid team, sans Andrea =[

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