Youtube Star of the Day

Since the rise of Youtube, Asian Americans artists have been using it as a channel for broadcasting their talent, and become (wildly!) successful young celebrities on this video-sharing platform. Check out this interview with Jennifer Chung, whose first debut album is being released soon.

Bulldog Buzz week of 9/7 — Asian eyes, hot sauce, & writing for the blog

Trend Alert: While Asian women are scrambling to get double-eyelid surgery for a more Westernized aesthetic, in the world of high fashion, Dolce & Gabbana models tape their eyes back for a stereotypical Asian look in this Vogue Japan editorial. Is this cool/avant-garde or just offensive?

Confessions of a Sriracha Fanatic: A foodie recounts her introduction and addiction to the beloved Thai-American hot sauce in this NPR article. Recipes at the end for those with more culinary sophistication; the rest of us will just continue to indiscriminately put Sriracha on all the things.

Did you see us at the Activities Fair or the AASA General Assembly this past week? Are you interested in writing for, promoting, or otherwise getting involved with the APA Blog? Drop us a line at and we’ll keep you posted.

Alternatively, are you a member of an Asian-American interest organization on campus? AASA member group or otherwise, we welcome all contributors to use the blog as a place to spread the word about your cause, advertise events, or reach out to the general public.

Link of the Day

Over the summer, chinaSMACK, Chinese news and pop culture website, launched a new site called Diaspora @ chinaSMACK. This section features a collection of articles and personal anecdotes by overseas Chinese, exploring issues of culture, society and self-identity, all told from a fresh perspective. Some very thought provoking articles, a couple that warrant a bit of an eye-roll, but still worth the look. For starters, check out I became American and the world kept turning, by a contributor at the blog Hypermodern.



College Seminars

CSBK: Hip Hop Music and Culture

College Seminars here at Yale are one of their best kept secrets. Oops well not much of a secret anymore for me. But for all of those out there PSA: check it out, take a gander! I attended Nicholas Conway’s Hip Hop Music and Culture, and it was one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever been to. Continue reading

Bulldog Buzz week of 8/31 — Shopping Period Edition

Got an extra spot on your schedule? Interested in Asian-American topics or just looking for a fun class? Check out these gems on OCS:

HIST 183: Asian American History, 1800 to the Present
A new perspective. Taught by Professor Mary Lui, this class introduces some of the key topics in Asian-American history that were probably skimmed over in your other more “mainstream” American history classes. A variety of Asian cultures are covered, for a rich and eye-opening course.

HIST 166J: Asian American Women and Gender, 1830 to the Present
Not just for Asian women. Also taught my Lui, this junior history seminar (sorry non-majors!) explores the challenges and accomplishments of Asian American women, providing a cultural and sociological perspective on a little-discussed topic.

AMST 322: Gender, Family and Cultural Identity in Asia and the United States
Bridge the culture gap. WGSS department lecturer and international feminism expert Geetanjali Chanda teaches this class on identity formation in different Asian countries and U.S. perceptions of Asian culture. It will change the way you think.

ENGL 339: American Literary Nationalisms
The bookish type. With African American Studies Professor GerShun Avilez, read works that highlight the influence of nationalist frameworks on modern American literature. Includes not just Asian American nationalism but also the Black Arts Movement and feminist and queer organizing, among others.

AMST 695: Craft in Colonial and Independent India
Trip to the museum. This graduate-level seminar looks at South Indian craft-making, from textiles to metalwork. Professor of American Decorative Arts Edward Cooke introduces both historical and contemporary contexts for the craftsmen’s work, and relates them to prominent cultural issues in India.

Essay Contest Opportunity

Hey APA Blog enthusiasts! Hope everyone’s been having a blast this summer. In case you’ve been bogged down with too much play and not enough work, here’s a chance to get those creative juices flowing again. Hyperlink Press, an electronic publishing company that helps young authors publish and sell e-books about everything from college admissions to marketing Android apps, is looking for new talent and material! And of course, it relates to our favorite topic, the Tiger Mom. The deadline is coming up, so be sure to submit your stories soon.

(Taryn Nakamura, Yale class of 2011)

My Tiger Mom & Me Contest

We’re looking for the best Tiger Mom stories!

Hyperink (an awesome digital publisher) is hosting the My Tiger Mom & Me Writing Contest. Top submissions will be published online to Kindle, Nook, iBookstore and other channels. Maximum: 5000 words

Here’s the prize breakdown:
1st: $500 + consideration for a book deal
2nd: $300
3rd: $200

So, if your Tiger Mom has ever helped you succeed academically, banned sleepovers, given you a love of music, extinguished your love for music or more…

Accepting submissions here:

Check out our FB page and event.

Excerpts so far:
But not all tigers are the same. Nonetheless, a tiger is a tiger no matter the color of her stripes. After all, a hunter would never make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

For years, I resented my mother, swearing to never raise my children the way she raised me. If the story ended here, wouldn’t most people do the same?

Bulldog Buzz week of 4/21

Advancing your career in higher education: The Asian Network at Yale (AN@Y) is hosting a special career development session on Thursday, April 21st at 5 pm in Kroon Hall, featuring the Vice Chancellor of University Advancement for the University of California, Riverside, Peter Hayashida. Register for the event here.

The JASU Cultural Show will be at 8pm on Monday April 25th in the Morse Dining Hall. Tea, snacks, and SUSHI will be served! Come watch her locate the other Sailor Scouts and take on the evil powers of Queen Beryl and the Negaverse; you don’t want to miss out! Also featuring performances by Phoenix, Wushu, Karate Club, and many others.

Interested in acting?  The AACC is organizing a reading of scenes from David Henry Hwang’s F.O.B. The play is a comedy about a Chinese American college student having dinner with her F.O.B. date and her Americanized cousin who hates F.O.B.’s, a situation that culminates with the three acting out a fight scene between Gwang Gung and Fa Mulan. Contact Lia for more info.

The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is back online! Tune in for the last litter of adorable puppies, 100% guaranteed to brighten up your day.

A Day in the Life…

Calling all Prefrosh! My name is Matthew Tran and I am a freshman in Davenport, which is obviously the best residential college on campus. YDN says so. Even look at freshman Olympics last weekend. What better way to end Freshman Olympics than to OWN EVERY OTHER COLLEGE AND TO TOTALLY HUMILIATE PIERSON BY STEALING THEIR FLAG (we got DQed, but that’s I could go on). Oh I’m sorry you wanted to know about my life? Sorry I thought it was time for FACTS. Davenport greatness aside let me welcome you child-ren into a(n) (a)typical day of a Yalie.

7:00 A.M. Waking up in the morning… I go back to sleep

Continue reading

Bulldog Buzz Week of 4/13/11 — Bulldog Days Edition

Bring your prefrosh to Flavors of AASA on Wednesday at 10 pm in LC 211! There will be food in addition to a special kpop performance, a homemade video and an opportunity to meet and mingle with all of the AASA member groups.

Fusion, the semesterly party at the AACC hosted by your freshman liaisons, will be held on Thursday (4/14) night from 10 pm to 1 am. Come meet current and prospective Yalies and enjoy late-night performances, games, and other activities. Catered food from local restaurants, along with snacks and drinks, will be served.

In “news” outside the Yale bubble, Wasabi-flavored Doritos may now be widely available in the US! Frito-Lay originally produced wasabi-flavored Doritos for consumption in Japan, and apparently tested them briefly in the U.S. in 2010, because a Facebook group, “Frito Lay: Bring Wasabi Doritos to the USA! Permanently,” was started. Recent comments show that Costco across the country is now selling them.

For your further entertainment, check out this ridiculous ad campaign (TOUS Jewelry spring 2011) of Jennifer Lopez posing with Asian crap. No words.