Meet your new APA Blog editor!

Congratulations to Lia Dun, CC 2014, the 2012 editor-in-chief of the APA Blog!

And here is the new AASA board for the 2012 calendar year:

  • Co-moderators, Stella Cao and Ysabel Ilagan
  • Political Action and Education Committee (PAEC) Co-chairs, Chris Marnell and Winnie Huang
  • Community Development Chairs, Andrew Chun and Jason Kuo
  • Secretary, Connie Lu
  • Treasurer, Cynthia Chan
  • Webmaster, Lijin Chen

Bulldog Buzz week of 9/7 — Asian eyes, hot sauce, & writing for the blog

Trend Alert: While Asian women are scrambling to get double-eyelid surgery for a more Westernized aesthetic, in the world of high fashion, Dolce & Gabbana models tape their eyes back for a stereotypical Asian look in this Vogue Japan editorial. Is this cool/avant-garde or just offensive?

Confessions of a Sriracha Fanatic: A foodie recounts her introduction and addiction to the beloved Thai-American hot sauce in this NPR article. Recipes at the end for those with more culinary sophistication; the rest of us will just continue to indiscriminately put Sriracha on all the things.

Did you see us at the Activities Fair or the AASA General Assembly this past week? Are you interested in writing for, promoting, or otherwise getting involved with the APA Blog? Drop us a line at and we’ll keep you posted.

Alternatively, are you a member of an Asian-American interest organization on campus? AASA member group or otherwise, we welcome all contributors to use the blog as a place to spread the word about your cause, advertise events, or reach out to the general public.

February Blog Contest! WIN PRIZES.


Official Rules:

  • Submissions will be received via the “Contest Submissions” page on the blog, or via e-mail to
  • The theme of this contest is “Love and Relationships,” but all entries related to the Asian-American community or to Yale will be accepted. For examples of previous submissions to last year’s contest, check out the Contests category.
  • All entries must be in by 11:59 pm on March 3rd, 2011.
  • Winners will be decided by a voting system open to the general public. Entries will be posted on the blog, where guests will be allowed to cast their vote within a 3-day time frame. The first place winner will receive a $30 gift card to FroyoWorld, and a runner-up will receive $10.
  • Eligibility: participants must be a current Yale student to be eligible for the prize, although alumni are more than welcome to submit blog entries.

Will the Asian American Community Please Speak Up?

by Vi Nguyen, DC’11

When we rushed up the steps of 295 Crown Street on Bulldog Days to “meet the Asian American community” —none of us knew what kind of “Fusion” we were walking into. And whether it was a year ago, or two or three or almost four years ago—how many of us today have an understanding of what the Asian American community is? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a community as a group of people who “…have a common history, or share a common social, economic or politial interest.” So, what is it that ties the Asian American community together? Is it having the AACC? Is it AASA? Is it us defining ourselves as Asian Americans? Maybe it’s the color of our skin? Our heritage? How about the events that we throw?

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Dinner at Berkeley!

And so the dining hall quest continues! We settled into a cozy nook overlooking the main floor of Berkeley Dining Hall, touted as the best dining hall on campus by the Wall Street Journal in 2006 and where Yale’s Sustainable Food Project all started. This is also the first photo with our new staffer, Matt Tran DC ’14!

Have an Awesome Summer!

Mmm … Ashley’s Ice Cream

Hey readers!

It’s been quite a year, launching the blog, covering a ton of events, and hosting our first contest,  but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! We won’t be on quite the same blazing pace over the summer that we’ve been on this semester, but we’ll be checking in every now and then to post any interesting stuff we hear. Also feel free to email us anything you’d like to see on the blog to!

Have a great summer and thanks for reading!


Your APA Blog Staff

The Art of Making a Tri-fold: APA Blog Style

Get a sneak peak of our Bulldog Days Extracurricular Bazaar poster-in-the-making! And make sure to come on by during the bazaar to check out the actual thing! It’s awesome — and made with love. :)

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Welcome to the APA Blog!

Welcome to the newly formed Asian Pacific American blog! This blog was specifically created to provide a venue for Asian-Americans at Yale to connect online. We want to open up the opportunity for everyone at Yale to share their ideas in a low-key, casual atmosphere. We also strive to inform readers of ongoing political issues, updates on campus events, general advice, and any other topic that would be interesting to the Asian-American community at Yale. In the future, we hope this blog will eventually allow us to reach out to other Ivy League schools and other Asian-American communities as well.

We especially want you to be a part of the blog. Feel free to comment on our blog entries and submit your own entries. We are open to any medium (artwork, video, links, etc.) and any topic that you would like to share with our readers. Submitting to the blog is probably one of the best ways to reach out to the entire Yale community, and we encourage you to post your own content. Email your submissions to to see your stuff posted on the web!

So now we’d like to meet our staff!

Hey, everyone! My name’s Miriam Cho, and I’m a freshman in JE. I have no idea what I’m majoring in, but it’ll probably be in the Humanities, seeing as I’ve vowed never to take a math course at Yale. I’ve lived in Kentucky for most of my life, where I went to a high school between a cemetery and a cow pasture and enjoyed drives through winding country roads. My hobbies include running, eating, and sleeping – if only life could be that simple :) . I’m part of the APA Blog this year because I think it’s a great way for Asian-Americans at Yale to connect online and express whatever’s on their mind, both on serious issues and random topics of interest. I hope you enjoy browsing around our site and I encourage you to submit your own cool stuff!



Will Zhang
Associate Editor

Hey guys! I’m William Zhang, a freshman in Ezra Stiles. (Whoooo Stiles!) I like food, writing (sometimes), photography, graphic design, turtles, swimming, sleeping, food, and just having a good time. I hope this blog is a forum of thoughts that keeps it real, and that you guys really take advantage of it (in a nice way of course.)


Catherine Dinh
Events Reporter

My name is Catherine Dinh. I’m a freshman in Pierson. I’m from Fremont, which is in the Bay Area, California. I am considering majoring in English or Psychology. I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies with friends, shopping, graphic design, taking walks, eating, imagining, and learning new things. I’m a member of ViSA and TAS, but I joined the APA blog because I wanted to reach out to more of the Asian American community here at Yale. In short, I hope this blog will be a huge success and am looking forward to seeing it grow.


Will Zhao
Public Relations Specialist

Hey everyone, my name is William Zhao. I’m a freshman in Pierson College and I’m from New York City. I’m currently planning to major in Classics. I’m a big fan of food, and I can often be found watching the food network for hours on end. I really enjoy fencing, reading, drawing, and I live for awkward moments. I’ve also been working to promote Asian American awareness at my high school for the last four years, and I’d like to stay involved in the Asian American community here at Yale.




Kathy Zhong Kathy Zhong
Graphics Editor

Hi, my name is Kathy (JE ’13!), and my life philosophy can be summarized by the following quote from Neil Patrick Harris: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” Unfortunately, I now spend most of my time being confused in orgo, working in lab, and trying not to freeze my Californian butt in the temperamental New England weather. I enjoy lots of things, but to be relevant, I love Asian culture, whether it be the food, music, food, dramas, or food — and I plan to pimp it out to the best of my ability with this blog. (would you like to be awesome too? join us!)



Thanks for reading this, and we look forward to hearing from you.