Duke ECAASU 2012 Conference

The 2012 East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) Conference will be held at Duke University from February 24-25, 2012. ECAASU is the largest intercollegiate Asian Pacific American advocacy organization, with over 1000 participants. For the past 35 years, ECAASU has connected young activists from various races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, with the mission to advance the social equality of Asian Pacific Americans. The Conference is an opportunity to educate, empower, and inspire change.

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Will the Asian American Community Please Speak Up?

by Vi Nguyen, DC’11

When we rushed up the steps of 295 Crown Street on Bulldog Days to “meet the Asian American community” —none of us knew what kind of “Fusion” we were walking into. And whether it was a year ago, or two or three or almost four years ago—how many of us today have an understanding of what the Asian American community is? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a community as a group of people who “…have a common history, or share a common social, economic or politial interest.” So, what is it that ties the Asian American community together? Is it having the AACC? Is it AASA? Is it us defining ourselves as Asian Americans? Maybe it’s the color of our skin? Our heritage? How about the events that we throw?

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ECAASU – Largest East Coast Conference for Asian American Students

Submitted by Christine Chen PC ’12 (AASA Co-Mod)

This past weekend, along with 7 other members of the APA community at Yale, I attended ECAASU at UPenn. What is ECAASU? East Coast Asian American Students Union, the largest East Coast conference for Asian American college students (and founded at Yale!). It was my first time attending, and I definitely hope that it won’t be the last.

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