Harry Wu Speaks About Chinese Human Rights Activism at Master’s Tea

Submitted by Molly Ma TD ’13 (AASA PAEC)

Originally posted on http://www.yale.edu/paec/

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On February 22, Harry Wu, a famous Chinese human rights activist, came to Yale for a Branford Master’s Tea sponsored by CASA. Mr. Wu told his moving story to an audience of 30 to 40 students.

His Life

His father was a banker and his mother was of the landlord class. In 1949, the Communist Party caused a purging of the entire landlord and bourgeoisie classes. At this time, Mr. Wu was still a young student and was not entirely aware of the situation. However, he became aware of the human rights violations committed during the Hundred Flowers/Anti-Rightist Movement, in which the government cracked down on over 1.2 million intellectuals.

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