JASU Presents: Dinner Discussion Series on Asian Identity

Want to talk about Asian identity at Yale over dinner? Join JASU in a casual conversation on what it means to be Asian-American at Yale. Open to anyone interested. You do not have to be Asian to join, and all perspectives on issues are welcome. Discussion limited to 12 people per dinner (each topic below will have its own dinner discussion).

Tuesday, November 15, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Have you ever wondered if people see you as “just another Asian?” What is the “typical Yale Asian”? What is Asian/AsianAmerican Identity at Yale? Is “Asian identity” an issue at Yale? Do we even need to talk about it? What is the community/general environment like for Asians/Asian Americans? How does being Asian make your “Yale experience” different? How are you perceived? How do you perceive others, and other Asians/Americans?

Success defined: Is success defined differently specifically for Asians/Asian Americans/non-Asians? What does success mean to you? Do you have pre-determined standards for success because of your ethnic background?

A Day in the Life…

Calling all Prefrosh! My name is Matthew Tran and I am a freshman in Davenport, which is obviously the best residential college on campus. YDN says so. Even look at freshman Olympics last weekend. What better way to end Freshman Olympics than to OWN EVERY OTHER COLLEGE AND TO TOTALLY HUMILIATE PIERSON BY STEALING THEIR FLAG (we got DQed, but that’s I could go on). Oh I’m sorry you wanted to know about my life? Sorry I thought it was time for FACTS. Davenport greatness aside let me welcome you child-ren into a(n) (a)typical day of a Yalie.

7:00 A.M. Waking up in the morning… I go back to sleep

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Doors of Old Campus

In the conference room where my lab has our weekly meetings (Mason 321 what up), there’s a poster called “Doors of Yale” with pictures of a dozen or so different doors, gates, and entryways, showcasing the rich variety of architecture on campus. It’s not the most well-designed poster, but I really liked the concept. So this morning, I decided to go out and do a little photo shoot of my own, focusing specifically on Old Campus, since it is home to 83% of Yale freshmen.

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Blog Contest Winner–Bad Romance

Congratulations to anonymous submitter Aaron X! Here’s an excerpt from her blog, Vanity

I’ve been having a terrible week.
Let’s just say I made my IMTHESHIT playlist.
It’s been playing on repeat.

Tomorrow — The Future of Afghan Feminism

Monday, 2/28 @ 4:30 pm: A talk with the co-founder of Women for Afghani Women in WLH 116. Sponsored by the Yale Afghanistan Forum, Women’s Center, Asian American Cultural Center, Reach Out, ISO, Muslim Students Association, and South Asian Studies Council. Read more about the Yale Afghanistan Forum at their blog.

Why do Asians all look the same?

All right, obviously, we don’t. I’ve never been too bothered by people who think that though, for one because their own inattention and lack of exposure isn’t my problem, and also because I actually frequently think, “Wow, that person I just saw on the street looks exactly like [acquaintance of the same ethnicity!]!”

But sometimes it does gets a bit old, like when your seminar professor, one of those “hardcore,” demanding types who makes a big show of getting to know each student personally (and also frequently white, male, and over 50 years old in my past experience but I won’t comment on that) constantly calls on you by the name of one of the two other Asian girls (both of whom are from completely different Asian countries) in your class. And vice versa. End personal rant.

Think you would never do such a thing? Try taking the age-old quiz at http://alllooksame.com/ and see if you really know what Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people look like. And if your score makes you feel like you’ve dishonored your family, perhaps this handy guide can be of use… http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2008/09/ultimate-korean-looks-list-how-to-pick.html

By the way, I’m pretty sure I got below average the first time I took that quiz. I guess all these years of watching different Asian dramas have all been for nothing.


Happy Year of the Rabbit, everyone! Well, it’s not technically until tomorrow, but many of the “New Year’s Eve” festivities are just as important, and since Asia is nearly a day ahead of us, many of the celebrations are already under way.

Here’s a look at some related events happening for the occasion: Yale Dining brings forth their annual Chinese Lunar New Year Dinner in Commons on Thursday. On Saturday at 7 pm in Woolsey Hall, the Association of Chinese Scholars at Yale is hosting a Chinese New Year’s performance. Organized primarily by international and graduate students, the event is generally poorly advertised among the undergraduate student body. AASA has tried to bring its cultural groups into the mix as well, with “A Taste of Asia”, an all-you-can-eat food event featuring delicacies from different cultures the following week.

So on this holiday welcoming the arrival of a new spring, enjoy the food, remember to give your families a call, and stay dry!

12 things I’ve learned since receiving my Yale acceptance letter*

* Of course, it didn’t actually begin with a letter. It began with huge flash image of a bulldog (with a party hat and noisemaker, if I remember correctly), and a triumphant chorus of the Yale fight song. I honestly thought the whole thing was some elaborate hack for a full 30 seconds. Good job, technology.

It’s been approximately a year since that fateful day, and I feel like I’ve come a long way since then. So I thought I’d share twelve bits of random advice/words of wisdom/uninsightful insights I’ve accumulated in these past twelve months, in vaguely chronological order.

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